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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Basement Wall Colors March 26, 2019

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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Basement Wall Colors, Purcell, Oklahoma

The right shade of paint can easily transform the tone of any room. Given that basements, in particular, tend to lack natural light, choose wisely before you hire a painter to act on your vision. Here are three suggestions to help steer you in the right direction.

How to Pick Paint for Your Basement Walls

1. Consider Size

It’s usually best to select paint colors based on the overall size of the space. Generally dark, cramped basements won’t benefit from equally dark shades that only make the room look more compact. If you want to lend it a more open feel, ask your painter about applying a light, airy color, such as ivory, sky blue, mint green, or soft gray. On the other hand, larger basements can better handle bolder hues.

2. Choose Complementary Shades

painterThinking about adding an accent wall? Look to the color wheel for inspiration, as hues opposite from each other tend to play well together. Alternatively, focus on a particular color story. For example, people who enjoy being out in nature might enjoy the contrast between a light, mossy green and a tree-bark brown. Those hoping for something classic can’t go wrong by telling the painter to use black and white.

3. Consider Preferred Moods

Any shade of paint can bring the basement to life or convey a certain vibe. Consider the room’s primary use. Is it more of an entertainment room, complete with a bar, a large-screen TV, and game tables? Dark hues set the tone by creating a distraction-free zone that makes it easy to focus on the movie or game. If you envision a cozy, restful space in which to relax, opt for soothing earth tones or soft pastels. 


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