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4 Popular Shapes For Your Swimming Pool April 4, 2019

Scotch Plains, Union
4 Popular Shapes For Your Swimming Pool, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing a space to enjoy quality time with family and friends. However, if you’re doing a pool renovation, you want to make sure the shape you choose best fits your space. Consider the benefits of these top options to ensure your new pool fits your needs. 

4 Shapes for Pool Renovations

1. Rectangular

This is one of the most basic designs available for residential swimming pools. The rectangular shape is easy to work into the landscape and can seamlessly transition from current outdoor living areas. Plus, the wide range of available lengths, widths, and depths will provide more than enough room for swimming laps, relaxing, and playing sports.

2. L-Shape

pool renovationThis type of pool renovation is ideal for properties that don’t feature a lot of space. It can wrap around an existing patio or incorporate into a small garden area. The sharp angle of the pool also makes it appear bigger than it actually is by creating a separation between the two sections.

3. Kidney

This layout combines the length of a rectangular pool with the soft curves of a circular structure. While it has a slight bend in the middle that divides both the shallow and the deep ends, there’s still plenty of space for the entire family. The unique shape works best with a flat landscape and will help to add another dimension to its design.

4. Roman

This pool renovation is known for its different layers. Each of the ends is rounded off and features either a set of stairs or a small ledge. The sides are completely straight and tend to include a set of shelves that will instantly blend with the existing landscape.  


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