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How to Keep Your Pool Clean March 28, 2019

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How to Keep Your Pool Clean, Washington, Connecticut

While chemicals like chlorine can help keep swimming pools clean, they don’t fix everything. Regular cleaning is still necessary to maintain a balanced water level and remove leaves, bugs, and other contaminants from the filter. To help you care for your pool, here are three best practices to follow.

3 Key Tips for Maintaining Clean Swimming Pools

1. Clear Filter Regularly

Over time, filters become clogged with dirt, debris, and bugs, rendering them less effective. Clogs will reduce water flow and increase pressure, making it difficult to filter out contaminants efficiently. To prevent this issue, clean the filter at least once a month during summer as well as after weather events like storms. If you plan to use the pool in the off-season, clearing the filter once every other month is typically sufficient.

2. Check Water Levels Regularly 

swimming poolsYou need to make sure the swimming pool has the proper water level. If it’s too low, the pump will eventually run dry and become damaged; if it’s too high, you can experience issues with the skimmer door, running the risk of debris being pumped back into the water. The goal is to keep the water at the center level of your skimmer or tile by checking it regularly.

3. Brush the Walls

Over time, unwanted dirt and algae can grow and cling to the interior and exterior of swimming pools. Left unaddressed, the problem can negatively impact the water quality by spreading bacteria or raising its pH level. To address this, you’ll want to use a pool-safe brush twice a week to dust off the walls and ladders. This will force any algae into the water where it can be destroyed by the chemicals.


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