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How Athletes Can Prevent Foot-Related Sports Injuries March 15, 2019

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How Athletes Can Prevent Foot-Related Sports Injuries, Sugar Land, Texas

Every athlete, from professional players to weekend warriors, puts a lot of stress on their feet. With all the running, jumping, and sudden changes in direction many games require, it’s no wonder foot problems are among the most common sports injuries. Knowing the risks and how to prevent them can help you avoid these painful conditions.

What Athletes Should Know About Sports Injuries in Feet


sports injuriesThe feet are composed of 26 different bones, 19 muscles and tendons, and over 100 ligaments, each of which can suffer an injury during strenuous activity. Plantar Fasciitis, for instance, results from strain to the plantar fascia, a band of fibrous tissue that connects the heel to the ball of the foot. Many athletes also suffer bone spurs or calcium deposits that accumulate gradually on your heel, making it difficult to walk or run. Repetitive force on the sesamoid bones, located just behind the big toe, can result in inflammation and tiny fractures, a condition known as Sesamoiditis.


Fortunately, many of these sports injuries can be treated by a skilled podiatrist, and most can be avoided with a few precautionary measures. For starters, avoid wearing flip-flops, which require your feet to work harder when walking and provide almost no arch support. After a run, soaking your feet in ice water for 10 to 15 minutes will reduce inflammation and dramatically speed up recovery. Propping your feet up after a workout will also reduce inflammation by draining blood that pools in your lower body, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow in. Finally, replacing your shoes as soon as they start to break down will give your feet the support they need and also reduce your risk of injury.


Whether you prefer team sports or solo hiking, you can rely on Eric R. Tepper, DPM to keep your feet healthy and pain-free. Their friendly staff has been treating sports injuries and other chronic conditions since 1983, building a reputation throughout Sugar Land, TX, for wide-ranging expertise and prompt attention. Visit their website to learn how they can help with your sports injury, or call (281) 980-3668 to schedule your first appointment today.

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