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5 Stages of Roof Replacement April 10, 2019

Clarksville, Howard
5 Stages of Roof Replacement, Clarksville, Maryland

How long a roofing system lasts depends on many factors, such as its materials, characteristics, maintenance frequency, and regional weather. For example, shingle roofing constantly subjected to water and melting snow from a clogged gutter system will not last as long as one with clean, well-maintained gutters. If your roofing is old or showing signs of wear, the below information will give you insight into the roof replacement process.

5 Steps for Roof Replacements

1. Inspection & Protection

Roofing contractors inspect your current roofing system to provide a detailed, written estimate that includes the projected job duration. Once you approve the proposal, the contractors cover your walls, porch, steps, surrounding vegetation, and any other nearby features with tarps.

2. Existing Material Removal

Next, the contractors remove the existing roofing material, such as shingles or metal sheets. They then inspect the underlying plywood for rot, mold, and other damage. This stage is a key difference between roof replacement and re-roofing services. Because this inspection isn’t part of the procedure, re-roofing won’t address any underlayment problems.

3. Moisture Barrier & Other Protective Installations

roof replacementAfter making underlayment repairs, your roofing contractors install a moisture barrier. This protects your wooden roof frame and subsequently your home from water damage and mold growth. Consider requesting drip edge installation as well to further protect your roofing from water.

4. New Shingle Application

The next step is to apply new shingles. Quality roofing contractors install the materials with great attention to detail. They also add ridge vents and chimney flashing, if applicable, for additional moisture protection.

5. Cleanup

After installing the new shingles, the contractors clean the project site. This process includes removing all old roof materials and packing up all tarps, tools, and equipment. They then perform a final inspection to ensure your roof replacement will protect your home from the elements.


Entrust your roof replacement to the contractors at Marshall’s Contracting in Clarksville, MD. This roofing company offers over 30 years of experience providing shingle installations, repairs, and replacements. Call (410) 406-7667 today to schedule a roof replacement or visit the contractors online for more information about their services. Like the Facebook page for roof maintenance tips.

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