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How Do I Order Pizza Delivery for an Office Party? July 17, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
How Do I Order Pizza Delivery for an Office Party?, Bronx, New York

So, you’re having an office party. You’ve worked out all the logistics: who is going to be there, what time it starts, what room it's being held in, and what you’re having. Pizza delivery was a natural choice, as it's irresistible to almost everyone and perfectly portioned. The only problem is that it can be difficult to figure out how many pies are needed for such occasions. Here is some information you might find useful for this quest.

The Basics of Pizza

Most people will eat 2–3 slices, depending on how the pie is cut. This means that a small 16-inch pizza with 6 slices will feed 2–3 people; an 18-inch pizza with 8 slices will feed about 3–4 people. In these scenarios, every person will eat about 64-100 inches of pizza.

Ordering Tips

pizza deliveryIf you need to order more than four pies, call the pizza delivery place a day early. This will give the staff time to prepare your large order and make sure they can deliver it on time for your party.

You should also take the type of pizza into account. If you’re ordering a Sicilian pie, which is cut into squares and has a thicker crust, people will probably fill up quickly. The same is true if you order a specialty pie with lots of extra toppings. 

Workplace happenings can play a role in the order, too. If you’re afraid a business meeting will keep you busy until the pizza goes cold, for example, order the food with extra cheese. This keeps the heat trapped and increases the amount of time the pie stays warm.

Lastly, if you don’t know what everyone likes or dislikes, order a few cheese pizzas. Almost everyone enjoys cheese or will at least eat it if there is not another kind they prefer.


Need prompt pizza delivery? Whether it’s just for the family or for a large office party, Emilio’s of Morris Park has what you need to please. For information about their menu, gift cards, or delivery options, call (718) 822-6758 or visit the website to view their expansive catering menu. You can also download their easy-to-use ordering app by texting "Emilios" to 33733.

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