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5 Everyday Reasons to Send Flowers to a Loved One March 20, 2019

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5 Everyday Reasons to Send Flowers to a Loved One, Enterprise, Alabama

While birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day are all great arguments for sending flowers to a friend or family member, “everyday” reasons are just as meaningful, if not more so. They show your loved one that holidays and anniversaries are not your only motives for sending beautiful blooms. Let your favorite people know you care for any of these everyday reasons.

When Should You Send Flowers to a Loved One?

1. They’re Stressed at Work

Help a loved one through a challenging time at work with a vase or basket of flowers. Send the flowers to the person’s work or have them waiting when the individual arrives home for the day. Either way, it’s a lovely pick-me-up, especially when it comes with a handwritten note cheering the person on.

2. As a Thank You

Let a friend or family member know how much you appreciated something they did for you recently with a bouquet of their favorite flowers. Whether they put together a piece of furniture, helped you with a garage sale, babysat, or anything else, this small gesture will show your gratitude.

3. They’re Moving Away

Is a friend or family member moving across the state or country? Give flowers as a beautiful send-off. After a person is settled, flowers also work as stunning gifts that let them know you’re thinking about them post-move. A bright bouquet is a particularly lovely gift if the friend or family member is a little homesick.

4. They Got Promoted

flowersCelebrate a loved one’s job promotion, no matter how big or small, with gorgeous blooms. Flowers also offer an ideal “good luck” gift before a big job or promotion interview. Remember to choose flowers that match the sentiment of the occasion. For instance, daisies, lilies, and sunflowers in bright yellows, oranges, and pinks, all convey positivity and cheeriness.

5. As a Random Act of Kindness

Give flowers randomly as an act of kindness for anyone you know, even if the individual is not related or a good friend. Service people you have worked with for years make great recipients, such as hairstylists and administrative assistants, as do familiar grocery and retail store clerks. Add your name to the card or send the flowers anonymously.


You don’t have to wait for a special holiday to show that special someone you’re thinking about them. Find the perfect floral arrangements for your loved ones at Ivywood Florist in Enterprise, AL. The flower shop specializes in stunning arrangements for any occasion and offers convenient delivery services so you can surprise your favorite people. Call (334) 347-7343 today to schedule a delivery or visit the florists online to view available arrangements. 

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