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Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door? 4 Ways to Tell March 22, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door? 4 Ways to Tell, Rochester, New York

Your garage door plays a vital role in safely storing vehicles and outdoor gear, in addition to securing your home. Over time, this entryway may require a garage door service team to perform a replacement to prevent malfunctions. Here are four signs it’s that time.

4 Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

1. Loud Screeching

Many people cringe when their garage doors produce a screeching sound while opening. Don’t be the noisiest neighbor on the block. It’s likely that your garage door uses a chain drive, which, upon rusting and corroding, causes that terrible sound. Newer models feature belt-drives or chain drives that are much quieter and smoother.

2. Rising Utility Bills

Does the energy bill keep going up? Older garage doors are less efficient than new models because they’re not as well insulated. You may save money on the electricity bills by installing a new system that will more effectively block the flow of air.

3. Theft 

garage door services Monroe County NYPeople often safeguard their homes against burglars but may forget that the garage can also be a vulnerable point. You may call for garage door service after a break-in, wondering how a stranger got into the garage without physically breaking in. It’s possible they simply used a code finder to learn your unique pattern of digits. Installing a new garage door will mean using controls that change the code every time you use the door to avoid this issue.

4. Slow Movement

When you press the door opener, it should immediately move upright or sideways to allow you to enter the garage. If the process takes longer than a few seconds, the door chain length may need attention, or the motor may be dying out. When a garage door services expert installs a new door, they’ll ensure that it opens right away to improve efficiency.


When you’re ready to upgrade to a new garage door contact Felluca Overhead Door in Rochester, NY, to use their design center to create the perfect fit for your home. The family-owned and -operated team has been serving Monroe County for over 100 years, providing garage door services like installations and repairs. Call (585) 467-2391 or visit the website for information on their free estimates and fast turnaround on parts and services.

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