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3 Tips for Planning the Catering at Your Event July 16, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Tips for Planning the Catering at Your Event, Bronx, New York

Having an event catered is a surefire way to provide a smorgasbord of delicious food to your guests. It’s important to consider several elements of your gettogether to make sure you and your chosen catering service are on the same page. Here are three aspects to consider to make your catering event as smooth — and scrumptious — as possible.

Important Considerations for Catering Events

1. Know the Number of Guests

The starting point of any catering service is the number of guests in attendance. The more accurate your estimate, the more the caterer will be able to tailor your service to the event. This will limit food waste, of course, but also can affect logistical choices such as providing waiters for larger groups or using a self-serve, buffet-style approach for a smaller number of guests. You should also keep the types of guests in mind. Children and seniors, for example, will generally eat less than adults and teenagers.

2. Offer Choices

catering serviceWhile you most likely won’t please every palate in attendance, you should offer at least a few distinct dining options. Work with your catering service to select a variety of entrées that cover a wide flavor and ingredient spectrum. Your appetizers, salads, condiments, and desserts should have similar options to ensure everyone finds something they enjoy. Choosing a rich and savory dessert and a lighter, less-filling treat can strike a good balance, for example.

3. Accommodate Food Allergies

Make sure all your guests can enjoy the event food by getting any food allergies information well ahead of the date. It’s helpful for the catering service to clearly label the dining options so everyone is aware of the various ingredients used, but that’s not always enough. Individuals with severe allergies also need to be aware of what was prepared in the same kitchen as the other food to avoid cross-contamination. Check with your guests and pass along any pertinent allergy information to your catering service so the company can work around the needs.


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