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FAQs About Pet Boarding April 4, 2019

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FAQs About Pet Boarding, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

When going on a vacation, you’ll want to know that your furry pals are taken care of. Instead of leaving them with friends, give your pets their own holiday by dropping them off at a pet boarding service where trained, animal-loving professionals will look after them. Here’s all you need to know about leaving your pet at an animal hotel.

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Hotels

What should I pack?

When taking your pet to a kennel, bring along food and any toys they like. Just like human hotels, meals are not usually included with their stay package, so make sure you’re leaving enough for the entire length of their stay plus a little extra to cover for any delays. The facility will have toys, but their favorite items will comfort them in case they get a little homesick.

What activities are available for my pet?

pet boardingMany pet boarding facilities offer group play time and outdoor games like fetch to keep your pup entertained during their stay. Let your hotel know whether your pet enjoys the company of other animals, and if they don’t, they’ll still get plenty of love from human caretakers.

Is grooming offered?

At an extra fee, some pet boarding services do offer cat and dog grooming such as nail clipping, teeth-brushing, baths, and haircuts. Ask your hotel whether they offer such services.

Will I get updates while I’m away?

Pet boarding facilities often offer personalized updates to pet parents while they’re out of town. They may send emails or text messages with pictures of your dog or cat enjoying themselves so you don’t worry that they’re missing you too much.


If you’re interested in leaving your cat or dog in luxury while you’re away, visit Golden Heart Boarding & Grooming in North Pole, AK. They offer cat nail trims, pet vitamins, dogs grooming, and heated indoor and outdoor kennels to keep your pets cozy in all weather. Learn more about their services on their website, or call (907) 488-6866 to book a stay for your pet.

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