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3 Ways to Help Your Child to Make Friends March 27, 2019

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3 Ways to Help Your Child to Make Friends, St. Peters, Missouri

Friends are a crucial element of a kid’s early childhood education, impacting everything from social skills to overall happiness. The prospect of making friends can be intimidating to kids, which is why it pays to take a few extra steps at home. Here are three ways to help your child make friends. 

Tips for Encouraging Children’s Friendships

1. Plan Playdates With Friends

early childhood educationPractice makes perfect, so create social opportunities for your little one by scheduling playdates with others. Consider asking the other parents if they would like to come and spend time with you while your little one plays. In addition to making the experience more entertaining for parents, it also helps children to see their parent interacting positively with others. 

2. Enroll Them in an Early Childhood Center Program 

Early childhood education centers are about more than simply teaching your children what they need to know to prepare for formal schooling. While in class, children have the chance to work and play with others every day, paving the way for strong friendships. Additionally, kids in early childhood education programs have the chance to learn conflict resolution and structured learning, helping to reduce anxiety about school and other children. 

3. Use Positive Coaching 

Whether your child is playing with another kid at your home or they come home with stories about their interaction with others, use positive coaching to encourage them to make good choices with their friends. Teach kids how to apologize when they hurt someone’s feelings, compliment others about a job well done, and show empathy if they can tell someone else is having a bad day. 


If you could use a little help encouraging your child to learn and play with others, reach out to Great Beginnings. With two convenient locations in St. Charles and Cottleville, MO, these early childhood education professionals offer a variety of programs designed to help children learn and grow. Check out photos of the facilities online; or, give their St. Charles location a call at (636) 724-5048 or their Cottleville branch at (636) 447-4212.

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