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How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy & Radiant March 21, 2019

Onalaska, La Crosse County
How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy & Radiant, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Opting for a new hair color will refresh your appearance and boost your self-esteem. For permanent color, the dye must penetrate the hair shaft. This requires ammonia-based products to lift the cuticle layer. Peroxide is then used to dissolve the natural pigment and make the new shade more pronounced. The chemicals can dry out your locks, which is why you must take steps to keep strands moisturized. Following the advice below will keep hair healthy, hydrated, and stop the color from fading.

How to Care for Color-Treated Hair

Cut Down on How Often You Wash Your Hair

If shampooing every day is part of your hair care routine, discontinue the practice while your locks are dyed. Because the chemicals dehydrate strands, you’ll need to help your hair retain its moisture. Shampoo strips hair of natural oils as well as dirt, so limit shampooing to two or three times a week. To combat grime buildup, use a dry shampoo formulated for color-treated hair on the days you don’t shampoo in the shower. This will also help you avoid rinsing out the pigment with water. 

Remember to Use a Conditioner

hair colorEvery time you shampoo in the shower, apply a conditioner as well. The products contain ingredients that put moisture back into hair to protect the shafts. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to seal cuticles and prevent hair color from fading while ensuring strands remain silky, shiny, and smooth. Just make sure the products are recommended for dyed hair.   

Use Protective Products Before Applying Heat

Because hair color makes strands brittle, be careful when using heat-based styling tools. Hair is most prone to damage when wet, so make sure it’s completely dry before using flat irons and additional equipment. You should also apply protective sprays to strands. The coating will provide a barrier to prevent heat damage and fading.  


If you want to try a new hair color, the hairstylists at 151 Hair Company will help you choose a flattering shade that makes your best features stand out. Based in Onalaska, WI, the friendly, knowledgeable technicians are committed to helping residents in La Crosse County keep their hair healthy and stylish. To schedule a hair coloring appointment, call (608) 783-6191. A representative will be happy to discuss your options. Visit the beauty salon online and like them on Facebook for special offers. 

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