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3 Reasons Your Home Would Benefit From a Gas Generator March 25, 2019

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3 Reasons Your Home Would Benefit From a Gas Generator, Piedmont, Alabama

When a severe storm blows through, power outages are always a possibility. While losing power can sometimes be a mere inconvenience, it can pose significant problems to many, especially if the outage lasts for several hours or days. With a propane gas generator, however, your family will have a reliable, much-needed power supply. Here are three reasons to consider one for your home.

Top 3 Benefits of a Gas Generator

1. Automated Options

Homeowners no longer have to rely on cumbersome portable generators that are difficult to set up. Automatic home standby generators serve as a permanent installation on your property and are designed to activate automatically when a power outage is detected. Your family gets instant power without needing to go through the work of setting up the generator.

2. Power Necessary Items

gasWhile you can probably live without Netflix for a few days, you need other items to ensure your family’s well-being. Proper sizing of your generator will ensure you have power for a refrigerator and freezer, sump pumps, HVAC systems, and necessary medical equipment. Powering these needed items will offset the harmful effects a storm can have on your home.

3. Safety

Propane-powered generators are typically considered to be safer and more efficient than units powered by gasoline. These units emit less carbon dioxide, while fewer maintenance requirements ensure safe and efficient performance for many years to come. Though proper ventilation is still essential, these key differences guarantee reliable, cost-effective performance when you need it most.


No matter why you need propane for your home, having a reliable source of quality fuel like Superior Gas is an absolute must. In business since 1948, this gas company has 10 locations throughout Alabama as well as Panama City, FL. With low gas prices, free estimates, and timely year-round deliveries, you’ll always be able to use clean-burning propane. To learn more about their fuel and services, visit them online or call (256) 396-2428.

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