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How to Decide Between a Cooktop & a Range April 8, 2019

East Farmingdale, Babylon
How to Decide Between a Cooktop & a Range, Babylon, New York

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen appliances, building a new home, or remodeling, you may find yourself deciding between a traditional range versus a wall oven and cooktop. Some homeowners like the simplicity of having both their oven and cooktop in one central place, whereas others enjoy the added flexibility of splitting these appliances up. While the choice is ultimately a matter of personal preference, here are some key factors to help you reach an informed decision.

A Guide to Choosing Between a Cooktop & Range

How Much Space Do You Have?

Homeowners with spacious kitchen islands often turn to separate cooktops and wall ovens. A wall oven can free up room for storage beneath an island cooktop. If you don’t already have an island and don’t plan to include one in your remodeling, but are still interested in upgrading your kitchen appliances, try a new range. This will deliver enhanced appearance and functionality while working with your existing space. 

What Type of Cooking Do You Do?

kitchen appliancesBaking enthusiasts may be drawn to wall-mounted ovens. This option provides the flexibility of increasing capacity or even adding a second unit. It also minimizes the amount of bending you’ll need to do to remove items from the oven or to check on their level of doneness. If you entertain frequently, having the extra space can come in handy during holiday gatherings. Plus, having a cooktop on your island allows you to chat with guests as you prepare food. Talk to your appliance professional about finding a mix to customize a solution for your cooking needs.  

Which Layout Is Most Convenient?

Cooking styles aside, wall ovens and cooktops are convenient for anyone with back pain or other health problems that make bending difficult. Depending on the extent of your remodeling plans and your existing kitchen layout, a central stove may be best to help you create the traditional and convenient work triangle between the refrigerator and sink. 


Whether you find ranges most appealing or you’re considering a wall oven and cooktop, Reds Appliance in Farmingdale, NY, has you covered. They offer both styles and an extensive variety of kitchen appliances, including professional-grade ovens, cooktops, and ranges. The store also sells affordable appliances for refrigeration, laundry, and air control. Shop ranges and cooktops on their website now, or call (631) 449-7337 to speak with a knowledgeable associate.

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