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How to Maintain Your Roof This Spring March 20, 2019

Clarksville, Howard
How to Maintain Your Roof This Spring, Clarksville, Maryland

With harsh, damage-causing weather conditions in winter, early spring is an ideal time to perform some basic roofing maintenance tasks. By doing so, you’ll prevent long-term damage and extend the life of your roof. Below are a few maintenance tips to follow when the weather warms up.

A Guide to Spring Roofing Maintenance

Clear Away Debris & Branches

It's essential for your gutters to carry away rainwater efficiently. It prevents erosion of the soil around the perimeter of the house, minimizes basement flooding and foundation damage, and keeps water from backing up under your shingles and leaking into the house. To promote effective drainage, clear away leaves, twigs, pods, and other debris that may have collected on the roof over the previous months. Also, trim back any overhanging branches. These could damage roofing materials by scraping against them in heavy winds.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Roofing inspectionDuring an inspection, a roofing contractor will examine the condition of the shingles, locate any vulnerabilities, and make sure that dormers, valleys, eaves, and side walls have proper flashing. In many cases, they'll crawl into the attic to look for leaks, standing water, or mold, and make sure the area has proper ventilation and insulation. If they find any issues—such as rotting, shingle deterioration, or loose gutters—that need to be addressed, they'll write a report with proposed solutions. They will identify problems and fix them before they become emergencies, saving you on more expensive repairs or even a replacement.


To schedule a roofing inspection, contact Marshall's Contracting in Clarksville, MD. They are a family-owned and -operated contractor serving Howard, Carroll, Frederick, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery counties. They have been in business since 1982 and specialize in roofing leaks, storm damage repairs, and comprehensive roof replacements. Visit their website to request information or call (410) 406-7667 for a free quote.

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