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5 Reasons to Enclose Your Swimming Pool March 22, 2019

Ozark, Dale
5 Reasons to Enclose Your Swimming Pool, Ozark, Alabama

Whether you like to swim for fun, exercise, or just to cool down, you love your pool. It’s an investment that you and your family will enjoy for years. A pool enclosure will help you get the best use possible from it, enhancing the experience for everyone involved, whether it’s a simple screen or a glass encasement. Here are five benefits of having an enclosure installed around your pool.

The Benefits of Pool Enclosures

1. Keeps the Sun Off

You want warm weather when you swim—but not too warm. Lounging in direct sunlight can be both unpleasant and harmful, leading to overheating and skin conditions. Even a simple screen overhead can make a huge difference, reflecting most of the UV rays and providing you with just the right amount of minimal shade.

2. Keeps Nature Out

Finding a way to shield your pool from the outside world will limit the amount of wildlife that bothers you while you enjoy it, including birds, small ground creatures, and mosquitos, wasps, and other insects. 

3. Keeps the Upkeep Down

pool enclosurePool enclosures prevent leaves, dead insects, and other debris from ending up in the water and clogging the filters. This limits the amount of time you must spend with a pool skimmer or vacuum, letting you get more enjoyment out of your investment for less work.

4. Keeps the Costs Low

From chemicals to new filtration systems, the supplies needed for all that upkeep can grow expensive when you must purchase them season after season. Covering your pool will keep it cleaner, meaning you don’t have to restock these supplies. The siding also won’t fade as quickly from sun damage, helping you save even more money.

5. Keeps the Investment High

Installing a pool is a profitable investment for many homeowners, making the residence more attractive to potential buyers and allowing you to raise the asking price if you ever decide to sell. Since you’ve already invested that money, it’s worth it to increase your home’s value even more by installing a pool enclosure.


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