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3 Challenges the Modern Dentist Is Facing March 25, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
3 Challenges the Modern Dentist Is Facing , Manhattan, New York

While pursuing dentistry can undoubtedly provide a satisfying career path, it’s not an easy path.   Today’s dentist faces more challenges than ever when it comes to operating a profitable practice that serves its community well.  Here are just three major hurdles those in the field of oral health care must overcome if they want to thrive and avoid clinician burnout

Have You Been Struggling With These 3 Challenges as a Dentist?

1. Attracting New Patients

Nowadays, running a successful business in any industry demands a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. When someone needs dental work, they’re going to turn to the internet to find a local provider who has a positive web presence. Since most dentists don't have the time to master search engine optimization and social media campaigns, that means turning to professionals for help implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. 

2. Debt, Loans, and Technology upgrades

clinician burnoutStart with $300,000 in student loan debt. Coupled with new technology and capital improvements there is a lot of stress.  If they choose the right one, though, doing so could be a great career move and provide all kinds of benefits. For example, working alone, operating your own office means there can be clinician burnout.   We suggest a work/life balance program; ideally, in a relaxed setting to learn new skills.

3. Sourcing Affordable, Quality Products

Many dental practices turn to foreign laboratories for low-cost products to protect their bottom line. Such labs are not subject to the standards set forth by the FDA, however, so their products tend to be of lower quality. Unfortunately, turning to local labs poses problems as well. Since these labs charge a lot more, using their services often means fighting with the insurance company later when it comes time to seek reimbursement. 


If you’re in the dentistry field, but the challenges mentioned above are threatening your success, turn to Metro Collaborative. Based in New York City, this networking group can connect you with like-minded providers who are also determined to avoid clinician burnout. Their peer networking services will provide the opportunity to discuss the most significant hurdles you’re facing with others who are facing them, too. Together, you can devise strategic, actionable solutions that will help everyone thrive while preventing clinician burnout. Metro Collaborative also offers professional coaching and leadership retreats at a breathtaking wellness destination in the Dominican Republic. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (609) 876-9163.

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