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3 Great Apps for Parents March 11, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Great Apps for Parents, Chillicothe, Ohio

Parenting isn’t an easy process, and it’s helpful to have an extra hand now and then. The internet and smart devices have introduced a number of convenient aids, and with the click of an app, you can quickly find answers to common questions and day-to-day resources. These help you create a better life for your child and ease stress. If you’re looking for apps to help with your parenting, here are a few to consider downloading.

3 Apps That Help With Parenting

1. iHomeopathy

Whether you’re a new parent or already have kids, you’re undoubtedly going to come across disconcerting symptoms and health side effects from time to time. You can’t always get in to see the doctor right away; likewise, not all bumps and bruises require medical care. To know what you’re dealing with, download iHomeopathy. This app contains an extensive database of nonserious medical issues, illnesses, treatment options, and home remedies. While it’s never a replacement for a doctor, it can help you begin figuring out what’s wrong.

2. Spyzie

internetIf your young children have internet and smartphone access, it’s important that they browse and communicate safely. You can’t always be there to look over their shoulder, which is where Spyzie comes in. This convenient app tracks everything they do—from internet browsing to numbers they text and call—so you can be confident they’re sticking with safe practices.

3. HomeBudget

Raising a child takes careful financial planning. Rather than hiring an adviser, use a convenient money-management app like HomeBudget. Here, you can easily track spending across multiple accounts and budget accordingly to eliminate waste and put money where it’s best spent. Track weekly grocery expenses and preschool and child care costs and begin planning for the future by putting college tuition funds away. 


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