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3 Major Advantages of Flood Insurance March 27, 2019

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3 Major Advantages of Flood Insurance, Florence, Kentucky

Floods are serious natural disasters, capable of completely destroying your home and causing damage long after the waters have receded. Unfortunately, floods are specifically exempted from homeowner policies, so you’ll need to purchase additional flood insurance to protect the objects that matter most to you. Below are the essential benefits of investing in flood coverage for your home.

Why You Should Have Flood Insurance

1. Repairing Damage to Your Home

Floods can wreak havoc on almost every part of your house, weakening critical elements like the foundation, walls, floors, or wiring systems. In many cases, restoring your home to its previous state might require gutting the entire structure and starting over, which can be extremely expensive. Your flood insurance policy will ensure you can rebuild even after a major disaster, while preventing mold growth and other problems that often come with water damage.

2. Preventing Flood Damage

flood insuranceIf your house is below the floodplain elevation of your area, carrying flood insurance might qualify you for additional benefits to protect your investment in the future. Some programs offer financial assistance for elevating your house, building levees on your property, and taking other steps to keep your house dry. 

3. Replacing Your Personal Possessions

A flood doesn’t just damage the structure of your home; it can also ruin objects inside, including expensive items like appliances. Most policies include a certain amount of personal property protection, which reimburses you for any belongings damaged or destroyed by rising waters. You can also create additional riders if needed to extend your coverage. 


The friendly agents at Michel Insurance Agency LLC in Florence, KY know how destructive a flood can be, which is why they’re committed to ensuring homeowners throughout the area get the protection they need. Rely on their team’s experience and expertise for personalized service and products to cover every aspect of your life. To speak with an agent and request a flood insurance quote, call (859) 371-9458. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings. 

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