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3 Common Electrical Outlet Problems March 18, 2019

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3 Common Electrical Outlet Problems, Texarkana, Arkansas

You rely on your electrical system to power the lighting, appliances, and technology within your home. But whether you live in an older or newer property, you’re bound to run into an electrical issue at some point. Below are a few of the most common types of electrical outlet problems and when to contact an electrical contractor.

Electrical Outlet Issues That Warrant Repair

1. Sparking Outlet

If you see short bursts of light or fiery sparks when inserting a plug into an electrical outlet, this can be due to a number of problems, such as old age or poor electrical work. If this is not a frequent occurrence, it might be due to static electricity, which is normal and not dangerous. However, if the outlet sparks nearly every time you plug in an appliance, it’s essential to contact an electrical contractor, as this could lead to a fire. 

2. Circuit Overload

electrical contractorIf you’re unable to turn on your appliance or electrical device after plugging it into an outlet, it could mean that the circuit breaker tripped due to overload. This occurs when the circuit doesn’t have enough voltage to power the device and therefore shuts off to prevent a fire. An electrician can update your wiring or redistribute the circuits to remedy this issue. 

3. Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks can be dangerous, which is why it’s crucial to contact an electrician if you’re getting repeatedly shocked from a particular outlet. Outdated outlets are a common cause of shocks, while faulty appliances and water exposure are other possible reasons you might need repair. 



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