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What Allergens Are Hiding in the Carpet? March 18, 2019

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What Allergens Are Hiding in the Carpet?, Seymour, Connecticut

When you come home after a long day, you want your living space to offer peace and safety. Therefore, it’s upsetting to know that allergens and other contaminants from outside can get trapped in your carpet, polluting your breathing supply. To learn more about how this happens and how to prevent it with allergy solutions, take a look at the following information.

How Do Allergens Get Trapped in Your Carpet?

Whether your children are playing outside in the grass and dirt or you’ve just returned from your office building downtown, a considerable number of particles have embedded themselves into your shoes. Even if you attempt to shake them off or wipe them on a doormat before entering your home, hundreds of bacteria and germs will still cling to your soles. As you head into your living space, the spindly carpet fibers will latch onto dust, sand, dirt, and allergens on the bottom of your shoes. Even after you take your shoes off, you’ll tread these particles deeper into the fibers until they sink into the backing of the carpet.

allergy solutionsThe best way to avoid this snowball effect is to remove your shoes before entering a carpeted area, which is why many people put shoe racks by their front doors. To remove particles that find their way into your carpets and area rugs, it’s crucial to vacuum your living space at least once a week. If you have pets or an especially busy household, you may need to increase the frequency of this allergy solution.

Which Allergens Are the Most Prevalent?

Allergens like pollen are incredibly easy to track indoors on your shoes, as these airborne particles come from plants and land virtually everywhere. However, a number of allergens can also come from inside your home, such as pet dander from your dog or cat’s skin. Dust mites and mold spores are found in virtually every home, and because they’re so light, it’s easy for them to cling to thick carpet fibers. You might even become irritated by saliva or urine particles left by your furry friends.

Every time you take a step in a carpeted area, allergens are released from their hiding places and enter your breathing supply. If you have little ones crawling around on the floor or if anyone in your family is asthmatic, the presence of these common allergens can be especially threatening.


If you’re interested in eliminating allergens throughout your home, consider the wealth of options from Aerus Electrolux. This Seymour, CT-based company has been selling state-of-the-art allergy solutions for over 90 years, from air purifiers to central vacuums. They even offer a laundry cleaning device to rid your clothes of irritating particles. To learn more about their allergy solutions, visit their website or call (203) 410-4653 after 5 p.m.

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