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5 Safety Guidelines for Your Garage Door March 19, 2019

Milwaukee, Milwaukee
5 Safety Guidelines for Your Garage Door , Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Your garage door gives you and your vehicle convenient access to your garage at the click of a button. It’s also a large, heavy device with many moving parts, so follow some basic safety tips to prevent injury. Here are a few guidelines to follow to keep yourself and your children safe in your garage.

5 Steps to Follow for Garage Door Safety

1. Educate Your Children

Garage DoorsCuriosity can make children stick their fingers through door panels or approach a closing door, which can result in injury. Warn your children against standing too close to moving doors to prevent accidents, and explain how garage doors work to alleviate any potential curiosity.

2. Mind the Springs

The springs of a garage door, which bear its weight, are constantly under tension, making them the most dangerous part of a door. If your springs snap, don’t attempt to repair them yourself, which can result in injury.

3. Know Your Door

Familiarize yourself with your garage door so you'll notice immediately if something looks or sounds wrong. Locate the emergency release, which uncouples the door from the motor so you can operate your door when the power is out or your motor is damaged.

4. Test the Safety Features

Every couple of months, check that your garage door's automatic stops are working correctly to prevent it from hitting your vehicle. Test the infrared sensors by waving your hand or an object in front of them, and ensure your emergency release responds when you pull it. Knowing all your safety features are operational prevents any surprises if you ever need to use them.

5. Get Prompt Repairs

If your door is slow or unresponsive, makes unusual noises, or shows physical signs of damage, call a professional immediately. Delays in repairs can turn a small issue into a serious one, such as causing your door to unexpectedly slam shut.


For professional help with your garage door, call Consolidated Doors of Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI. With over 50 years of experience and offices throughout the state, they are Wisconsin’s largest Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer and specialize in installing and repairing garage doors. Send them a message online or call (414) 453-8448 to schedule a service.

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