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4 Benefits of Performance Tees May 14, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
4 Benefits of Performance Tees, Jacksonville East, Florida

Performance T-shirts are much different from your typical attire of cotton tees. This option is especially popular among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The polyester blend provides some unique benefits; below are a few you can expect when you add some to your closet.

4 Reasons to Buy Performance T-Shirts

1. Wick Moisture

Performance tees are often referred to as dry fit because the polyester is designed to wick away any moisture. As you sweat, it will not soak up your shirt to create sweat stains and discomfort. The water will be wicked away to the outside of the shirt, where it evaporates and leaves you feeling dry.

2. Comfort in Heat

T-shirtsBecause these shirts are breathable and wick away moisture, they are your most comfortable option on hot days. Many of the blends also have a UPF, ultraviolet protection factor, which keeps ultraviolet rays from passing through the fabric. This protects you from the sun’s rays and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

3. Easy Care

Unlike cotton-heavy blends, which wrinkle easily, performance tees do not crease. The dirt easily washes out of them, and once you dry them, they will stay in attractive condition. This is helpful especially when traveling or camping as you can fold up your clothes without dealing with creases.

4. Ideal for Exercise  

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, performance T-shirts are your best option for exercise. They will keep you cool and won’t stain from your sweat, so you know they will last longer even if you wear them daily.


If you’re interested in a dry fit tee, visit Over Under Clothing. Their online store has a diverse inventory of the best performance T-shirts available. This apparel shop specializes in American clothing, creating high-quality products that are all made locally, from materials to manufacturing. They have everything that you need for your active lifestyle, from outerwear to dog accessories. They have retailers throughout the Southeast United States and ship nationally. Browse their selection of performance clothing online, and call them at (904) 619-0577 with any questions about their product lines.

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