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When Should You Seek Sports Injury Treatment March 19, 2019

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When Should You Seek Sports Injury Treatment, Fairbanks, Alaska

After an intense workout or an arduous game, it’s common to experience muscle fatigue and soreness as a result of physical exertion. That being said, it’s important to listen to your body and understand the difference between run-of-the-mill soreness that will naturally fade and an issue that requires sports injury treatment. If you’re wondering which warning signs to pay attention to, here’s some helpful information to review.

Understanding When You Need Sports Injury Treatment

What Is Considered to Be Standard Muscle Soreness?

The day after strenuous exercise, you may notice muscle aches, stiffness, and a decreased range of motion. This is due to a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. This sensation should decrease over time; standard muscle soreness should fade significantly after the first two to three days. Continued exercise, a healthy diet, alternative workouts, and hot or cold therapy can soothe muscle soreness and reduce its intensity.  

What Signs Indicate You Need to See a Sports Doctor?

Sports Injury TreatmentUnlike general muscle soreness, an injury is generally a sharp, throbbing pain. The area that is injured may also be warm to the touch and swell or bruise overnight. If you’re unable to exercise the following day without experiencing sharp pain, or if putting pressure on a joint is challenging, seek medical care from a sports doctor right away. Additionally, seek care if you experience soreness that lasts more than three days or persists in a specific muscle or joint every time you engage in strenuous activity; a doctor can recommend physical therapy, training devices, or surgery to improve your condition and minimize discomfort. 


If you’re based in the greater Fairbanks, AK, area, and you’re experiencing sharp pain, swelling, and soreness that won’t fade, Interior Alaska Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is your premier source for sports injury treatment. With a dedicated sports doctor and support staff on hand, you can trust this state-of-the-art practice to provide fast, efficient, and personalized medical care. To schedule an appointment, call (907) 479-2663. For more information on this innovative clinic that serves patients of all ages and their fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mark Wade, visit their website.

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