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The Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy March 19, 2019

Lebanon, Warren
The Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy, Lebanon, Ohio

When you become pregnant, your physician will closely monitor the overall health and well-being of your body and the growing baby through every trimester. While it is important to listen to your body and get plenty of rest, women’s health clinics do encourage pregnant women to find an exercise routine they enjoy. Here are a few reasons to embrace exercise leading up to your delivery date. 

4 Reasons Why Gynecologists Recommend Exercise During Pregnancy

1. Boost Energy

Engaging in light to moderate cardiovascular activity, such as walking, hiking, yoga, or swimming, will improve blood flow throughout your body. As a result, you’ll boost your energy levels and feel less lethargic as you go about your daily routine. 

2. Reduce Aches & Pains

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, pregnant women should participate in about 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. By doing so, you’ll reduce back pain, which is common during pregnancy. In addition, you can relieve constipation and decrease the risk of gestational diabetes. Gynecology professionals also encourage exercise to minimize bloating. 

3. Improve Endurance & Muscle Tone

GynecologistThe labor process can be long and does require plenty of mental and physical endurance. By working out throughout your pregnancy, you’ll prepare your body for this incredibly physical undertaking. Plus, you’ll promote healthy weight gain and refine muscle tone as your baby grows and your caloric needs change. 

4. Promote Healthy Sleep Habits

Studies have found that roughly 79% of pregnant women have trouble sleeping. A wonderful way to combat this issue is by exercising on a regular basis; the natural increase and decrease in your body temperature during and after activity leads to better sleep and a reduction in stress and anxiety. 


Before you begin a new exercise regimen while pregnant, it’s important to consult an experienced gynecologist who understands your medical history. Hilltop Obstetrics & Gynecology can provide comprehensive women’s health care. With over 30 years of experience and three convenient locations, you can depend on this team of physicians and support staff to help you through every stage of pregnancy. Call today at (513) 424-1440 to book an appointment at their Middletown, Lebanon, or West Chester office. For more information on the services they provide and their overall commitment to helping women maintain excellent reproductive health, visit their website

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