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3 Tips for Designing A Historic Style Kitchen March 22, 2019

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3 Tips for Designing A Historic Style Kitchen, Fairfield, Connecticut

Spring is an ideal time to clean your home of clutter and reorganize your belongings. It’s also the perfect time to reconsider a new kitchen style to best reflect your evolving taste. Vintage kitchens are brimming with personality, creating a vibrant focal point inside your home. Here are three tips for creating a historic-style kitchen design

3 Ways to Make Your New Kitchen Design Look Vintage

1. Repurpose Old Light and Plumbing Fixtures

Instead of picking out brand new lighting and plumbing fixtures at the store, consider looking for old pieces and repurposing them for your kitchen space. For instance, industrial lighting once used on the outside of a barn could illuminate your kitchen island beautifully, while creating an interesting statement. Before your contractor repurposes anything you find, make sure the piece is safe and functional. 

2. Incorporate Old-World Accessories 

kitchen designThink about adding old-world accessories to your kitchen design such as blown glass vases, dried flowers, or antique kitchen gadgets such as food scales and timers to make your space a little more interesting. You can even hang larger items, such as old wooden pitchforks, on the wall above cabinets to make the space feel unique. 

3. Consider Distressed Wood

Instead of adding cabinets that look brand-new, ask your contractor about incorporating distressed wooden cabinets. They can either be made from simple stained wood or painted varieties, creating an interesting patina that makes your new kitchen feel lived-in. Additionally, you can pair distressed cabinets with tumbled tile, lending to the old-world feeling. 



Whether you adore farmhouse style spaces or you are looking for a modern kitchen design, the team at Gusto Kitchens in Fairfield, CT, can help you to customize your home. With a focus on competitive pricing and craftsmanship, you can create a kitchen space you love without additional hassle. Learn more about their kitchen services online or call (203) 870-1000 to discuss your project. 

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