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3 Drug Store Items to Add to Your First Aid Kit March 15, 2019

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3 Drug Store Items to Add to Your First Aid Kit, Greece, New York

Having a well-stocked first aid kit readily available in your home, office, or car can help you in situations ranging from minor injuries to widespread emergencies. Build your kit with products of your choosing at your local drug store, and know you have everything you need in one handy case you can bring with you anywhere. Here are a few essential items to add to your first aid kit.

What Do I Need in a First-Aid Kit?

1. Wound Care Items

Drug StoreFirst aid kits are often used to treat minor cuts and scrapes in children, since they always have basic wound care supplies. In your own kit, include bandages in different sizes, gauze, cotton swabs, antiseptic solution, and antibacterial gel to patch up wounds of all sizes.

2. Drug Store Medications

Make your emergency kit most useful to you by personalizing it with items your family members often use or need. Add an epinephrine injector for a family member allergic to certain foods or insect bites, pain relievers for someone with migraines, and cough and cold medicine if you tend to get colds. At the very least, this will save you a trip to the drug store if you ever need these medications.

3. Tools

Every first aid kit should contain tweezers, gloves, and scissors, which are essential for cutting bandages and treating wounds. If you want to plan for more serious emergencies, consider expanding the utility of your first aid kit to include non-medical tools, such as multi-purpose tools, duct tape, a flashlight, or blankets.


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