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How Often Should Your Office Be Deep Cleaned? March 28, 2019

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How Often Should Your Office Be Deep Cleaned?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Maintaining a clean work environment keeps your employees healthy, which helps you avoid productivity slumps due to illness. Most likely, you already schedule weekly or monthly cleaning to maintain a tidy space, but how often is a deep clean performed? If you’re not sure what this means, the guide below explains the process and its benefits.

How Is Deep Cleaning Different From Everyday Cleaning?

While you might see to it that the office floors are vacuumed and the surfaces are dusted weekly, this doesn’t remove all the grime that gradually builds up over time. Just like when you perform spring cleaning at home, ensuring a deep clean at your office one to four times a year helps to fully revitalize the property. It goes beyond the daily cleaning tasks and tackles those spots that have been put off or regularly overlooked. When the professional cleaners are done, your office will look and smell so much better. 

What Is Performed During a Deep Clean?

Flooring & Upholstery

Carpet, hardwood, tile, and other flooring materials should be professionally steam cleaned or scrubbed to remove set-in dirt and stains. The surfaces should then be refinished or sealed where appropriate. All furnishings in the office should also be carefully detailed to remove stains and odd smells.

deep cleanOffice Equipment

Keyboards, mice, phones, copy machines, and all the other equipment in your office is used on a daily basis. That frequent touching causes germs to build up quickly. Although they might be wiped down occasionally, it probably doesn’t involve going piece by piece to clear out dirt and grime accumulation, which a deep cleaning would involve.

Window Coverings

While the windows are most likely cleaned on a weekly basis, the drapes or blinds covering them are normally left alone. During this time, they will be dusted or vacuumed and have any unflattering spots removed. 


If your office has started to feel a bit grubby or there is a lingering smell in the air, call the professional cleaners at Hire A Maid for a thorough deep clean. They provide daily, weekly, and monthly residential and commercial cleaning services to Lincoln, NE. Their trained and experienced maids will perform a walk-through of your property and develop a personalized cleaning plan based around your needs. Call them today at (402) 560-1904 for a free estimate and visit their website to learn more about their services.