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5 Steps to Take Before Opening Your Swimming Pool This Spring March 15, 2019

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5 Steps to Take Before Opening Your Swimming Pool This Spring, Washington, Connecticut

As the weather grows warmer, many homeowners look forward to using their swimming pools again. Pools give family and friends an opportunity to gather and have fun. Swimming is also one of the best ways to get in shape and lose winter pounds. However, it’s best to start preparing your swimming pool as early as possible to give yourself enough time to address problems before spring arrives. 

How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Spring

1. Clean & Remove Cover

Cleaning the cover before removing it is crucial. You don't want the debris or stagnant water that accumulated on it to fall into the pool. It's also easier to clean the cover while it's still stretched out across the pool. Once clean, remove it and lay it out on a flat surface to dry before folding and storing.

2. Inspect Plugs & Fittings

Assuming the pool has been adequately winterized, the next step is to remove the winterizing plugs and ice compensator from the return lines and skimmer. Any antifreeze added to the skimmer should be flushed out. Return fittings should be replaced, and all pump and filter plugs that were removed for winterization should be reinstalled.

3. Refill the Pool

poolsPools typically remain filled for winterization, but with the water levels well below the skimmer. Fill the pool halfway up the skimmer before removing the winterizing plugs from return lines.

4. Prime the Pump

Prime the pump once the lines are working and the water is up to operational levels. Check the O-ring and replace it if damaged. If the O-ring is secure, fill the pump's pot with water, cover, and turn it on.

5. Check the Water

Have your pool's water chemistry checked by a maintenance specialist. Doing so will ensure the water is at the right Ph level and is clear of contaminants that could make swimmers sick. If the pool’s water is not safe, an expert has the right tools and the know-how to resolve the issue for you.


Get your pool ready for spring by contacting Distinctive Swimming Pools. Located in Litchfield County, CT, this family-owned company has been building and maintaining pools for over 75 years. They also specialize in renovations as well as maintenance and cleaning. Call (860) 868-3622 to schedule service, or send an inquiry via their website.

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