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3 Tech-Savvy Tips for Instagramming Your Food March 15, 2019

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3 Tech-Savvy Tips for Instagramming Your Food, San Marcos, Texas

With the rise of social media platforms, InstagramⓇ has become the hub of visual self-documentation, whether you’re posting videos of a rock concert or pictures from your child’s softball game. However, the one topic that connects people across the platform is food. If you’re interested in getting better photos at your next boozy brunch or decadent dinner, use the following tips to fill your feed with eye-catching shots.

Tips for Getting the Ultimate Food Picture

1. Look for the Light

While candlelight might be fitting when taking a romantic dinner shot, natural sunlight is one of the best ways to light food for a photo. Bright overhead fixtures and fluorescent lights in some restaurants can make food look unappetizing, bringing out bluish hues you can’t see in real life—and adding flash will only accentuate this. Instead, ask to sit on the restaurant’s patio or near a window to get a better shot.

2. Shoot From Above

foodWhile taking a photo of the plate from your perspective might be the most discrete option, a little extra effort will make all the difference on your feed. For a more professional look, hold the smartphone directly over the food, a foot or two in the air, as if you’re taking a picture from a bird’s eye view. There’s just something about seeing a perfectly round, symmetrical plate that makes a photo look fit for a cookbook.

3. Tell a Story

Some plates simply look better in person than on your camera screen, especially if the dish is delicious, yet simplistic. To spice things up, try adding props around the plate to tell the story of your dining experience. For example, if it’s date night, lay a single rose next to the plate, and get your partner’s hands in the shot. If you’re out with girlfriends for a birthday, arrange a clutch purse, some birthday candles, and a wrapped present around the dish.


To order food that will look spectacular on your Instagram feed, visit Grins Restaurant of San Marcos, TX. They offer a patio seating area that will flood your food photos with natural light, whether you ordered a juicy hamburger, hot fajitas, or a cold beer. To browse their menu, visit the website. You can also call (512) 392-4746 to learn more about this locally-owned restaurant or read tons of satisfied customer reviews on Google.

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