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A Brief Guide to Negative Drainage in Landscaping March 15, 2019

Newby Road, Fairbanks North Star
A Brief Guide to Negative Drainage in Landscaping, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

In a perfect world, every house would be built on a hill, allowing rainwater and melting snow to slide away from the property’s foundation naturally. However, many homes suffer from poor drainage, leaving the structures and their landscaping vulnerable to a number of issues. To learn more about negative drainage and its consequences, take a look at the overview below.

Understanding Negative Drainage & Its Effects

What Is Negative Drainage?

If positive drainage refers to properties in which the land slopes down and away from the house, negative drainage consists of terrain that slopes toward the building. This means every time it rains, the water will rush toward the structure, pooling around its base and potentially infiltrating the foundation.

What Are the Consequences?

landscapingWhen water is allowed to pool around the house, it can wet the ground holding the building’s base in place, allowing the foundation to shift and possibly crack. This will immediately compromise your home’s structural integrity. Negative drainage can also lead rainwater to soak into the foundation walls, seeping into the basement gradually or completely flooding it. The consequences of this range from electrical damage to mold growth and eventual pest infestations. In addition to harming your home, negative drainage can also erode the soil and landscaping elements around it, dragging them down with the runoff.

How Can I Prevent This?

To avoid the consequences of negative drainage, hire a land grading company that can correct the slope surrounding your property. They will have to move or add soil so that the terrain gradually lowers as it moves away from your home’s foundation. They can also remedy landscaping issues caused by the destructive forces of negative drainage, protecting your plants by laying gravel and building retaining walls.


To remedy your drainage issues as soon as possible, get in touch with Down to Earth Landscaping & Snow Removal of North Pole, AK. They know how harsh the local climate can be on landscaping, which is why homeowners have to take action to correct the issues that aren’t up to chance. Whether you need mowing, trimming, or snow removal services, you can trust this local team to get the job done. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website or call (907) 488-4232 to request an estimate.

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