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A Guide to Self-Tanning Lotions March 20, 2019

A Guide to Self-Tanning Lotions, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Now that winter is almost at an end, you might already be looking forward to the vacations you have planned for the spring and summer. If you’re headed to a tropical destination, getting started on your base tan prior to your arrival will ensure you look your best throughout your trip. Despite common misconceptions, you don’t need sun or a tanning booth to add some color to your skin. Here is an overview of how self-tanning lotions work and why you should consider using one.

How Do Self-Tanning Lotions Work? 

The common active ingredient in most self-tanning products is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It’s a colorless additive that reacts with the dead cells on the epidermis, or the outermost layer of your skin, to create a tan. You shed millions of dead skin cells on a daily basis, which is why this darker color will only last a few days. As a result, it’s recommended that people apply this product regularly to maintain the look. 

Do These Lotions Protect You From the Sun?

tanningUnless specified on the product, self-tanning lotions will not protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Most of these lotions are designed to simply provide you with a darker color. If you plan to supplement these products by tanning outdoors, apply sunscreen as well. 

How Should They Be Applied?

Before applying the lotion, exfoliate. This will remove any excess dead skin cells and allow you to achieve an even color tone. Massage the lotion into your skin in a circular motion to prevent streakiness. Apply by sections and wash your hands after each application to prevent leaving any color on your palms. Wait at least 10 minutes for the product to dry before getting dressed. 


If you’re interested in maintaining your sun-kissed skin all year round, stop by Touch of Bronze to browse their selection of lotions. Located in Stillwater, OK, this popular tanning salon offers a variety of services to help you achieve the perfect skin tone, including high-tech tanning beds and spray tanning booths. Call (405) 533-1826 today to schedule an appointment or visit them online to check out their current specials, including getting your first tan for free.

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