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What to Know About Residential Roofing March 15, 2019

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What to Know About Residential Roofing, Idaho Springs, Colorado

Most people know that shingles are common on residential roofing. But what do you really know about your home’s key defense against the elements? The below guide breaks down some of the lesser-known parts of your roofing system. 

3 Components to Residential Roofing You Might Not Know 

1. Soffit

While this term has several architectural meanings, it’s most commonly known as the underside of a roof overhang. You can locate the soffit on your property by standing at the edge of your home and looking up. The material looks like connected panels, and is usually made from aluminum or vinyl. Not only does it make your home’s exterior appear neater, but soffit also protects the roof rafters from the elements and allows for ventilation. Improper installation, drainage issues, ice dams, and pest infestations are the most common soffit problems. 

2. Flashing

residential roofingUsually made from aluminum or steel, this component is used to prevent water, ice, and snow from leaking through upper roofing materials. Often located in transition areas, flashing can be found in roof valleys, or where the chimney meets the rest of your roof. Over time, flashing may tear and require replacement.

3. Fascia

While soffit can be described as the underside of a roof overhang, fascia is the exterior segment between the soffit and the top of your roof. In other words, it forms a 90-degree angle with the soffit, smoothing out the appearance of your home’s exterior. One of the most common issues with this component is water damage, as it sits just underneath the gutters. To prevent mold growth or warping, you’ll need to keep an eye on your drainage system.


If any of your residential roofing parts need repair, Colorado Contracting Unlimited of Idaho Springs will gladly provide assistance. They boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau® and offer everything from small fixes to full-on roofing replacements. To learn more about the materials they work with, visit the website, or call (970) 250-5727 to ask for a free estimate.

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