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3 Ways to Care for Your Oriental Rug March 15, 2019

South Wedge, Rochester
3 Ways to Care for Your Oriental Rug, Rochester, New York

Oriental rugs are elegant and stunning additions to any home. Whether your rug is an heirloom or you purchased a new one yourself, you’ll want to take proper care of this valuable item. When maintained correctly, it can last many years. Use the oriental rug cleaning and upkeep tips below to ensure yours stays beautiful for years to come. 

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Care Guide

1. Prevent Fading

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can hurt your oriental rug. When the UV light hits the material, it has a photochemical reaction that fades the dyes. Place it in an area of the home that receives little light, or add window films or other treatments to provide cover. If some rays do hit it, rotate it once a month so that it will fade gradually and uniformly rather than in one spot. This will also change the wear patterns where people walk over the rug. 

2. Care for the Fringe

oriental rug cleaningIt’s a common misconception that you should comb out the fringe of the rug. This actually further damages it. If your fringe gets twisted or moved, simply flip the rug over and back into place so the fringe settles down naturally. You can also apply a small amount of warm water to loosen the fibers and gently shake them out to detangle them.

3. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

You should regularly vacuum both sides of your rug yourself to remove dirt, but more thorough cleanings should be left to professionals. Schedule oriental rug cleaning once every three to five years, depending on how much foot traffic the rug gets. This cleaning will more thoroughly remove any dirt buildup and restore its rich color.


Gray’s Carpet Cleaning of Rochester, NY, offers the highest standard of oriental rug cleaning. With gentle yet effective techniques and state-of-the-art machines, they’ll keep your valuable floor coverings in pristine condition. For more than 100 years, this team has been serving residents of Monroe County. They’re fully insured and accredited with the Better Business Bureau®. View their video online or call them at (585) 473-4947 to request a free estimate.

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