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How to Extend the Life Span of Your Brakes March 15, 2019

South Marketview Heights, Rochester
How to Extend the Life Span of Your Brakes, Rochester, New York

Whenever you press on the brake pedal, you probably don’t think about what’s happening inside your car. However, the inner components are hard at work, using friction and pads to bring your wheels to a complete stop. Eventually, you’ll need to schedule brake service, and replacements can be expensive. To extend the life span of the pads, use the following tips.

3 Tips for Prolonging Brake Service Life

1. Alleviate Extra Weight

Over time, it’s easy for your trunk to fill up with random objects—a pallet of water bottles from your last camping trip, home goods you keep forgetting to return, etc. However, the unnecessary items will make your car heavier, giving it more momentum when you’re driving. As a result, it will take more effort from your brake pads to bring the wheels to a complete stop. To take the strain off your brakes and help them live longer, remove as much of the load as you can.

2. Never Use More Than One Foot

brake serviceWhen you learned how to drive, you were probably instructed to use only your right foot to work the pedals. That way, you’re either driving or braking—there’s no overlap. Over time, some people start to use two feet, the left on the brake and right on the gas. While this might feel easier, pressing down on both pedals for even an instant will send your car mixed messages. This habit won’t stop your car until you remove your foot from the gas, but it will cause extra wear on your brake pads.

3. Coast More

A shorter brake service life is also attributed to the unnecessarily frequent and harsh use of the brake pedal. To stay safe on the road and force less friction on your brake pads, avoid speeding up just to stop. If you see cars ahead at a red light, coast by taking your foot off the gas, and then brake slowly when it’s absolutely necessary. By the time you reach the cars, the light may have switched to green, and you won’t have to brake at all.


Even with these pointers, your car will eventually require brake service or a pad replacement. When that time comes, visit Alliance Collision of Rochester, NY. They have been helping drivers for over 70 years with everything from frame straightening to paint matching services. They also offer around-the-clock towing should you ever run out of gas or end up stuck in a ditch. To learn more about their abilities, visit the website or call (585) 232-2390.

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