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5 Tips to Make Sure You Love a Shorter Haircut March 15, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
5 Tips to Make Sure You Love a Shorter Haircut, Manhattan, New York

A new haircut can completely change your appearance. If you have long locks, a bob could draw attention to the jawline and make you appear more youthful. A pixie cut pulls focus to eyes and makes your radiant complexion more noticeable. But having shorter strands can take a bit of getting used to; to make the adjustment easier and ensure you are satisfied with the cut, follow the advice below.

How to Prepare for a Shorter Haircut

1. Look at Photos for Inspiration

It can be difficult to articulate to a stylist what haircut you envision, so bring along a few photos to the appointment for reference. You should look on websites and in magazines for people with similar haircuts to the look you want to create. To ensure the best results, look for inspiration photos with people who have your hair texture.

2. Think About the Future

When deciding on a new haircut, think about what your life will be like in the near future. If you plan to start a job search, for example, some styles are more suitable than others for a professional environment. Whether you get bored easily with styles should also be considered, as it could take a while for hair to grow back. In this case, consider cutting hair to a bob length, as you’ll have more versatility with styling.  

3. Consider Upkeep

With a new cut also comes changes to your current hair care routine. Consider the upkeep requirements for a shorter style before you commit to one. Research how to maintain the style and purchase the tools before the appointment. This could help you avoid mistakes that damage hair later. 

4. Ask Your Stylist for Advice

haircutAlthough you can ask friends and family members for their opinions, you should also reach out to a professional stylist for advice regarding a drastic cut. They will reference the photos you bring in and ask questions to help determine what cut will flatter your face and be easy to style at home. They will also take the texture of your hair into account to determine what cut will still look flattering as it grows out.  

5. Cut Hair in Phases to Adjust

If you are nervous about getting rid of more than a few inches of hair at a time, consider cutting it in stages. You’ll have time to gradually adjust to the feeling of shorter hair. You might not like the way your hair looks at every stage, so keep the ultimate goal in mind. 


Whether you want to trim your ends or take the plunge with a big chop, the stylists at Bloom Beauty Lounge will listen to your needs to ensure you are pleased with the new haircut. Based in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the team at this New York City hair salon will also provide blow outs and hair color recommendations and application services. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 255-9355. Visit the salon online to learn more about hair-cutting services. 

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