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5 Steps to Take Before Placing Your Car in Storage March 15, 2019

5 Steps to Take Before Placing Your Car in Storage, ,

When you’re leaving the country, get a new car, or simply know you won’t be driving for an extended period of time, keeping your vehicle in storage can keep it clean and protected from the elements. Vehicle storage centers offer convenient access and secure facilities to hold your car for you until you’re ready to sell or use it again. To ensure your car is ready for the road when you pick it up after long-term storage, here are a few steps you should take.

How Should I Prepare for Long-Term Vehicle Storage?

Give Your Car a Deep Clean

Dirt and debris can harden over time and cause permanent stains and damage to the inside and outside of your vehicle, so give it a deep clean before dropping it off at your storage unit. Once it’s washed, make sure your car is completely dry, since moisture from a wash can corrode its metal parts. Protect your paint job from wear by waxing or applying a paint sealant to the exterior, and consider putting a cover over your vehicle to shield it from dust.

Fill Up on Fluids 

vehicle storageEven if you won’t be driving it, always store your vehicle with a full tank of gas, which prevents buildups of moisture and corrosion in the tank. To keep the other mechanical components of your engine intact, get a fluid flush to replace old engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant.

Disconnect the Battery 

Your car battery will drain over time even if your vehicle is off, so disconnect it and remove it before any vehicle storage. To maintain its charge, connect your battery to a float charger in a secure location.

Check Tire Pressure

In low temperatures and over time, your tires naturally lose some air, potentially resulting in a flat. Fill up your tires to recommended pressure levels so they start as filled as possible.

Stop Your Tires

If you’re using vehicle storage for an extended period of time, do not leave the parking brake on. If left engaged, your brake pads can rust and fuse with the rotors, which will keep your car from running when you pick it up. If you’re concerned about your car moving while in storage, place stopping devices behind your tires instead.

When you’re looking for vehicle storage for your car in Anchorage, AK, visit Ship Creek Storage. With spacious and secure units to accommodate cars, trucks, RVs, and even boats, they’ll give you the peace of mind of knowing your assets are safe. For more information on their self-storage units, visit their website or call (907) 276-4107.

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