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3 Differences Between Same Day Crowns & Traditional Ones March 15, 2019

Newtown, Hamilton
3 Differences Between Same Day Crowns & Traditional Ones, Newtown, Ohio

There are numerous reasons your dentist may recommend a dental crown, from protecting a chipped tooth from further breakage to providing structural support for a tooth with a large filling. If your restorative dentistry office has suggested crowns, you’ll have the choice between same day crowns or traditional ones — understanding the differences between them will help you decide which one’s best. Below is more information on each.

What Differentiates Traditional & Same Day Crowns?

1. Convenience & Time

The largest benefit of same day crowns is that they eliminate the waiting period of traditional crowns. Standard crowns require two dental visits and several weeks of wearing a temporary crown before your permanent ones are applied. A same day crown means you’ll walk out of the office that day with a new, permanent crown that’s aesthetically pleasing and reliable. One office visit means one copay, one procedure, less time off work, and less time out of your busy schedule.

2. Materials

same day crownsThe two types of crown also use different materials. With same day options, your crown will most likely be ceramic. Ceramic crowns are easy to shape, etch, and color and they give you a natural-looking smile. Traditional crowns can be crafted from resins, metals, or combinations of these materials to better suit individual needs. While ceramic is a suitable dental material, crowns that are supported by metal are more damage-resistant, and resin crowns are less expensive.

3. Details & Appearance

How much detail and customization you can put into the crown will vary, too. Traditional crowns allow you to choose the material, size, shape, color, and finishing touches, so it’s customized to your exact preferences. With a same day crown, your options are more limited. It will still have a natural appearance, but it won’t match your other teeth as perfectly as a traditional crown that has been custom-made for you.


At Eastgate Smiles Dental Care in Cincinnati, OH, you’ll find prompt, expert service for gorgeous same day crowns. Using advanced CEREC technology, their experienced dentist will craft and install a custom-fitting ceramic crown for you in one appointment. Beyond crowns, they provide comprehensive dental care, including family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. Learn more about CEREC technology on their website, and call (513) 528-1150 to schedule a consultation with their dentist.

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