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5 Ideas for Decorative Concrete March 15, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
5 Ideas for Decorative Concrete, Ewa, Hawaii

At first glance, concrete may seem like a boring and utilitarian construction material. But with the right tools and additives, it can be a beautiful and versatile substance, adding an aesthetic touch to floors, walls, and outdoor spaces made from it. Here are a few of the most popular ways your contractor can use decorative concrete.

Decorative Concrete Options

1. Stamping

Usually, the surface of the concrete is smoothed with a trowel to create a flat, even look. But stamps and molds can also be used to create a patterned texture on the surface. This can imitate other materials, like brick and stone, or can have other decorative patterns, like compass points and custom-made designs.

2. Staining

Dull concrete is boring, but it can be spruced up with some color. Many stains can be applied to a textured or flat concrete surface to create any design you can think of, with matte or gloss textures as desired.

3. Dying

Decorative ConcreteColor can be added directly to the wet concrete before it’s poured. This creates long-lasting hue which will never wear or fade because it's part of the material. Dye your concrete to match your home and landscaping themes or use multiple colors in different areas to create designs.

4. Polishing

You probably don’t think of concrete as a surface that’s worth polishing; however, this treatment can create an attractive, glossy result. Polishing is especially useful for bare floors, and it provides an alternative to covering the concrete with another flooring material.

5. Overlays

There’s a wide range of resins and polymer formulas available to apply over the top of a concrete surface. These create new colors, textures, and glossy surfaces which are hard-wearing and attractive. Earth tones are popular, but these products are also available in a wide variety of colors.


To learn what decorative concrete can do for your home and yard, contact Central Pacific Specialty Contractors in Aiea, HI. Serving the island of Oahu, they offer concrete and waterproofing work and specialize in beautiful concrete designs for pools, patios, homes, and businesses. To discuss your project, call (808) 262-2527 or send a message online.

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