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How to Prepare Your Truck for Spring March 15, 2019

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How to Prepare Your Truck for Spring, Rochester, New York

Snow, road salt, and freezing temperatures can take a toll on your truck. Have a reliable truck mechanic perform routine maintenance on your vehicle, and take a few steps on your own to keep it in good shape. Below are a few basic care tips for preparing your truck for warm weather.

5 Spring Care Tips for Your Truck

1. Check Brakes

For heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailers, brake failure can have catastrophic consequences. As such, you should have a truck mechanic check the braking system regularly for common issues, such as worn out rotors and brake pads, seized caliper pins, or contaminated brake fluid. If the rear-end drums are worn out, have them replaced for better braking performance.

2. Inspect the Suspension System

The suspension system in your truck often gets damaged during winter, so make sure to have it inspected when springtime comes. They will look for signs of wear and tear on the air springs, and check if the pressure is ample. They will also pay attention to the shock absorbers to improve your riding experience.

3. Monitor Tire Pressure

truck mechanicBefore heading out, check the air pressure on your tires to make sure they are fully inflated; tire pressure tends to decline with colder temperatures. Driving on low pressure not only damages your vehicle faster and wears out the tires, but it also decreases fuel efficiency. Look for cracks or tears on the sidewall, tread wear pattern, and leaks.

4. Check Under the Hood

Have a truck mechanic check for fluid levels, particularly the oil and coolant, and see what needs to be topped off; they will also look for active leaks underneath. Apart from fluids, your battery should be tested to see if it’s fully charged and cleaned to get rid of rust.

5. Clean the Truck

Road salt and debris can wreak havoc underneath your truck, so wash the undercarriage rigorously. Doing so allows you to do a spot inspection of the exteriors, such as wiper blades and lights, and prevent any operational issues from worsening. Don’t forget to also tidy up the interiors during the spring cleaning process.


Have your vehicle inspected from top to bottom by the skilled truck mechanics at Boss Diesel Service. Serving truckers and businesses throughout Monroe County, NY, they offer exceptional fleet maintenance and trailer repairs. Call (585) 328-2677 to schedule truck repairs or servicing. Follow them on Facebook for more tips.

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