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3 Top Tips for Recycling at Home March 15, 2019

Farmington, St. Francois
3 Top Tips for Recycling at Home, Farmington, Missouri

Many homeowners want to be more environmentally friendly, but don’t exactly know where to start. Recycling is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and consciously get rid of waste around your home. If you already have recycle bins or turn in recyclables on occasion but want to do so more effectively, here are some tips to keep in mind.

How to Make Recycling at Home Easier

1. Flatten Cardboard Boxes

The less room your recyclables take up, the more likely you are to dispose of them properly. Instead of having boxes covering your home, flatten them so you can easily fit them inside your recycle bins or transport them to your recycling center.

2. Put Recycle Bins Right Next to Trash Cans

recycle binsIf you want to make recycling just as easy as throwing things away, proximity is key. Don’t keep your garbage bin handy and leave your recycle bins out in the corner of your yard. Keep them side by side so it’s just as easy for everyone to dispose of recyclables properly, rather than taking shortcuts for the sake of ease.

3. Learn What Different Symbols Mean

Recyclable products often come with symbols that indicate whether they can be recycled and what type of product they are. For example, clear plastic has a different symbol than aluminum. Some recycling centers only take certain types of items and some may require you to separate them. This becomes much easier when you familiarize yourself with what each one means. If you need help remembering, write out a simple chart and place it near your recycle bins.


If you’re interested in recycling at home, Freedom From Waste in Farmington, MO can help. The trash and recycling company offers weekly pickup service and a local recycling center where individuals can easily discard items. The waste management company also provides dumpsters and recycle bins. The company is committed to sustainability and creating a zero-waste community. If you’d like to schedule service, you can do so online or call (573) 747-0550.