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How to Reopen Your Swimming Pool This Spring March 15, 2019

Fishkill, Dutchess
How to Reopen Your Swimming Pool This Spring, Fishkill, New York

As the weather heats up, swimming pool owners get excited about spending more time outdoors. Before you can swim laps or take a relaxing afternoon dip, you’ll need to prepare your pool for the season ahead. Here are some of the most essential steps to keep in mind as you prepare your property for spring and summer.

5 Key Steps to Open a Swimming Pool

1. Remove the Cover

Before you remove your cover, drain all the water and remove any debris from the surface. With a helper or two, remove the cover by pulling it from one end and folding it over repeatedly until you reach the other. Once it’s off, clean it with a mild detergent solution. Let it fully dry and then safely store it away in a lidded plastic container until next winter.

2. Skim the Surface

swimming poolYou don’t need to perform a full clean right away, but large leaves or other debris could damage your filters and equipment if left in your pool. Simply go over the surface of the water with a skimmer to prevent this.

3. Fill the Pool

If the water in your swimming pool isn’t quite up to the fill line, use a garden hose to add enough so that it’s at a normal level. If you’re not sure what this looks like, it’s typically halfway up the access hatch of your skimmers. If your pool lost a substantial amount of water, contact your pool company for a refill instead. 

4. Reconnect Your Equipment

When you prepared your pool for the winter, you should have placed caps over your drains and plugs. Remove these and reconnect your pumps, filters, and other equipment before turning the system back on fully.

5. Test the Water

Once the water is running as normal, you should have a water test performed to make sure the pool is safe. This will determine whether the water is at the proper pH and chlorine levels. 


If you’re looking for any pool parts or want to add a new swimming pool to your yard to enjoy this spring and summer, the professionals at Aqua King Pools in Glenham, NY, will help. The company has been serving area residents for more than 35 years. The team of experts will work with you to design a completely customized pool and then help you keep it in excellent condition for years. Contact the team online or call (845) 831-2024 to discuss your swimming pool needs.

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