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How to Incorporate Trees Into Your Property Fencing March 18, 2019

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How to Incorporate Trees Into Your Property Fencing, Cookeville, Tennessee

Trees and fences are beneficial to any residential or commercial property, thanks to the shade, privacy, and beauty they offer to the landscape. However, the location of trees can affect the layout of a new fencing installation. If you prefer not to remove your trees, there are several strategies to keep in mind. Here’s a look at how to include trees in your fencing plans. 

How to Work Around Trees

A simple way to design your new fence installation is to avoid the tree. But if it lies on the property line, it poses a challenge. You’ll have to decide to either leave the tree outside the perimeter or enclose the tree onto your property.

fencesThe first option takes away some of your land, but if you choose to build with the tree on your side of the line, you’ll need permission to encroach on your neighbor’s property. Regardless of the direction you take, consider the tree’s future growth. You can’t make the installation too close because the tree and the fence could damage each other as the tree grows. 

How to Erect Fences Between Trees

Another way to incorporate trees into your layout is to allow the tree to interrupt the path of the fence. That means building the perimeter close to the tree but leaving gaps on either side. With this option, you want to get as close to the trunk as possible to maximize your privacy and security. But once again, be conscious of the tree’s root system.

If you excavate the land near the base of the tree to install the fencing, you run the risk of disturbing the roots and the dripline, which is the area of soil that absorbs the most water for a plant’s nourishment. If you must cut part of the root, make sure the cut is clean so that the tree can continue healthy growth.


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