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How You Can Prevent Bleach Stains March 22, 2019

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How You Can Prevent Bleach Stains, Dothan, Alabama

Some people add bleach to their laundry to brighten their whites and disinfect their clothing. While the powerful chemical offers many benefits, it can also create marks that are impossible to remove. Here are four tips to mitigate the risk of bleach stains and keep your laundry in top shape.

4 Ways to Minimize the Potential for Bleach Stains

1. Mix First

Many people make the mistake of creating a bleach and water mix and then pouring it into the washing machine on top of the laundry. This means that bleach can make direct contact with the clothing, and potentially strip the fabric of color. Instead, start the washer and add the bleach mixture before adding the clothes to dilute it ahead of time.

2. Wash Colored Garments Separately 

laundry Houston County ALAccidentally washing colors with whites is a leading cause of bleach staining. Avoid this by carefully going through your laundry before starting the washer to ensure every colored sock or pillowcase has been placed in a separate machine. If you’re looking to use bleach on colored clothing, opt for a color-friendly type. There are many varieties available at big box stores. 

3. Keep Bleach in the Commercial Bottle

Sometimes people distribute bleach into spray bottles or additional containers where they dilute it with water. While this is handy, it’s essential to label the bottle or keep the liquid in the commercial container. This will keep family members from accidentally using it on colored fabrics and can also mitigate potential safety concerns. 

4. Follow Care Labels

Some materials can become damaged if exposed to bleach. These include leather, spandex, silk, wool, and mohair. Always read the labels before adding this chemical to the laundry to prevent accidentally using it on the wrong fabrics. 


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