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3 Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Spring March 15, 2019

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Spring, Branson, Missouri

Winter is almost over, which means many homeowners will rely on furnaces less frequently and start turning on air conditioners to keep home interiors comfortable. After a long winter unused, cooling equipment will need to be inspected and serviced to ensure it can meet household demands. To keep from exacerbating issues or creating new problems, below are three steps you should follow to prepare the system for spring. 

3 Steps to Ensure Your Air Conditioner Works Correctly in Spring

1. Inspect the Condenser Unit

During winter, twigs, leaves, gravel, and additional debris might have fallen on the outdoor condenser unit or gotten inside the cabinet. When you go to turn on the air conditioner, this detritus could damage the motors, fan belt, blades, and additional parts. To prevent performance problems, clean components and clear a space around equipment before activating the system for the season. 

2. Change the Air Filter

air conditionerIf you have a central air conditioner, it might share the same air handler with the furnace. This means they also share the same filter. Before you turn on the cooling equipment for spring, remember to change the dirty filter used for winter heating. This way, you won’t have to worry about the appliance draining energy because of restricted air flow. To maintain equipment efficiency, change the filter once a month during the cooling season. 

3. Examine Electrical Wiring

The motors and additional components in the outdoor condenser are powered by electricity. Exposure to fluctuating winter temperatures and moisture could cause premature wear to wiring. Visually inspect the cords. If you spot damage, have an air conditioning repair technician install new wiring before you turn equipment on.  


Apart from taking the above steps, you should also reach out to the licensed and insured HVAC technicians at Daryl's Heating & Air to provide a thorough inspection of your air conditioner. They’ll identify issues and provide maintenance and repairs to prevent costly, energy-draining malfunctions. They’ll also provide maintenance tips to ensure your home stays comfortable throughout the warmer months. To schedule an appointment with the Branson, MO-based team in Stone or Taney counties, call (417) 335-2658. Visit the heating and cooling specialists online to see what brands they are certified to carry and install.

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