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3 Style Tips for Young Men Entering the Workforce March 19, 2019

Plainview, Oyster Bay
3 Style Tips for Young Men Entering the Workforce, Oyster Bay, New York

As a young man about to begin your first job, you may be unsure about what to wear to best present yourself. While a power suit may be expected in a professional setting, it will leave you feeling overdressed and silly in a casual work environment. Here are a few shopping insights to help you dress for an employer’s unique atmosphere and expectations.

3 Work Environments & How to Dress for Them

1. Laid Back Office

shoppingIf your workplace vibe is more along the lines of a laidback startup, it’s still important to dress for success. Resist the urge to wear gym shorts and flip flops to work, even if other people do it. Instead, go shopping for a few pairs of nice jeans without any rips or holes, and get them tailored so they fit just right. Play up your personality with button-down shirts in bold prints and patterns, or choose a classic tee in a solid, dark color. For shoes, a casual pair of nice dress shoes or loafers help give the impression that you’re there to work — and look good doing it.

2. Semi-Casual Workplace

The grey area between casual and business attire can be confusing for a guy. The best way to navigate this is to find basics that fit and build from there. For any semi-casual workplace, invest in a few well-fitting blazers that can get you through all seasons. Look for jackets in navy, grey tween, and beige linen. These can be paired with slim-fit button-down shirts in a variety of neutral colors, such as white, pale pink, or even light blue. If your office is jeans-friendly, a classic slim dark wash looks great. Otherwise, stick to breathable navy or camel-colored trousers and a nice pair of leather dress shoes.

3. Polished & Professional Company

For a formal work environment, you’ll be expected to dress one way: professional. Shopping for well-fitting suits will be an essential part of your office wardrobe and should be tailored to ensure you never appear sloppy. Don a crisp button-up shirt in a complementary color underneath, and pair it with a stylish silk tie (or knitted/wool in the winter). Young men can’t go wrong with a classic pair of black oxford shoes, which look good with most suit colors. The cherry on top? Add a stylish accessory, like a silk pocket square or tie clip.


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