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3 Driver Mistakes That Cause Car Damage March 15, 2019

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3 Driver Mistakes That Cause Car Damage, Honolulu, Hawaii

When in a rush or frustrated, drivers sometimes make bad decisions when behind the wheel. Failing to follow traffic laws and driving etiquette can result in injuries and vehicle damage. Stopping a few poor driving behaviors will help you avoid the need for medical assistance and extensive auto body repairs.

3 Driving Mistakes to Avoid

1. Speeding

Driving at high speeds puts both pedestrians and fellow motorists in harm’s way. Speeding also increases the risk of losing control and hitting poles, parked cars, and other obstacles in the vehicle’s path, and it could take extensive auto body repairs to restore your vehicle to its former condition. You could also lose your license, so remember to follow the speed limit and routinely check the speedometer to see how fast you’re traveling.

2. Tailgating

auto body repairYou can’t anticipate how other drivers will act, which is why you shouldn’t trail too close behind the car in front of you. If a driver you’re trailing suddenly stops, maintaining a safe following distance increases your response time. Otherwise, you won’t have time to react, leading to fender and bumper dents, chipped automotive paint, and additional damage an auto body repair specialist will have to fix. To keep ample space between cars, slow your speed so that there’s three to five seconds’ worth of distance between the vehicles.

3. Failing to Check Blind Spots

When pulling into and out of tight spaces or changing lanes, look for obstacles through the side and rear-view mirrors as well as the windshield and car windows. Otherwise, you might not be able to detect objects, cars, or people in blind spots. Positioning mirrors to eliminate blind spots and checking them accordingly will reduce the risk of getting side-swiped or experiencing front- or rear-end damage.


If poor driving habits or factors beyond your control have led to auto body damage, the technicians at C & H Body And Fender in Honolulu, HI, will restore your vehicle to its like-new condition. For over 30 years, the skilled team has been providing motorists across Oahu with auto dent repair, paint application, and additional solutions to help retain the value of their rides after accidents. To schedule auto body repairs, call (808) 841-3618 or send a message online to request an appointment.

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