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5 Tips to Prepare Your Backyard Landscaping for Spring March 15, 2019

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Backyard Landscaping for Spring, Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Your garden is your home’s greeting card, the first impression visitors and onlookers will get of your home. In the spring, when flowers start to bloom and gardens are expected to look their best, freshen up your landscape to improve your curb appeal and give your plants room for new growth. Follow this simple backyard landscaping guide to give your greenery the attention it deserves so your garden can stay fresh all season long.

5 Ways to Care for Your Backyard in the Springtime

1. Pull Weeds

Overgrown plants and weeds can make your garden look unkempt, so pull out weeds and trim down your garden to give it a fresh look. Clearing out these plants will also give new plants room to breathe and reduce competition for sunlight and nutrients.

2. Apply Fertilizer

landscapeUsing fertilizer to spread additional nutrients in the soil around trees and shrubs will help them stay strong throughout the season. Make sure to limit the amount you use, since excess fertilizer can damage roots and leave them susceptible to disease.

3. Prune Trees

Trimming away dead or decaying branches from your trees allows nutrients to focus on flowing to healthy parts of the plant. Seasonal trimming also prevents overcrowding and ensures branches have enough room to expand.

4. Separate Perennials

Perennial plants and flowers come up on their own after the winter. By digging them out and spacing them out in your garden, you’ll ensure that every corner of your yard has a fresh bloom. Bulbs with enough room to grow also produce stronger flowers, increasing the vibrancy of your backyard landscaping.

5. Sharpen Edges

Reduce the appearance of weed growth and make your garden stand out from your backyard landscaping by cutting a new edge between your lawn and plants. Following the shape of your garden as closely as possible, remove any plants growing out of the perimeter.


Transform your garden into a personal paradise with WH Major & Sons Inc. in Mukwonago, WI. Since 1956, this family-owned business has provided creative backyard landscaping services, tree removal, lawn care, and even home construction services. Visit their website to learn about their range of offerings and call (262) 363-3115 to schedule an appointment.

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