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3 Ways Mice & Rats Can Damage Your Home March 15, 2019

Statesboro, Bulloch
3 Ways Mice & Rats Can Damage Your Home, Statesboro, Georgia

Mice and rats are two of the most common home rodents, and when one or two find their way inside, it may not seem like much of a risk as long as you don’t have to see them. However, they’re not simply nesting down and snacking on your food. There’s the possibility of physical damage and health risks. A pair can quickly multiply into an infestation, and calling pest control professionals is the only true way to resolve the issue. Here’s a look at how they can affect your home and family.

How Rats & Mice Can Create Problems in Your Home

1. Chewing Electrical Wires

Curious mice and rats looking for materials to build a nest out of may bite down on the electrical wiring in your walls. This can lead to house fires. These pests are often easy to detect when they hide in walls—listen for scratching and scurrying at night and pay attention to pets that get excited and sniff around a particular area.

2. Tearing Insulation

pest controlInsulation found in attics and walls is a perfect material for building a cozy nest, which is why it attracts rats and mice. Insulation rolls are essential for regulating home climate, and when they’re torn down enough, they won’t keep heat and cool air in. If you hear scurrying or suspect mice, look in areas with exposed insulation for signs of biting or tearing and call a pest control professional to take a closer look.

3. Carrying Diseases

Mice and rats have long been known to carry disease, some of which were as fatal as the Black Death plague. They still carry many today and will introduce them into your home. Hantavirus occurs from breathing fumes from rodent droppings and urine and creates respiratory infections; tularemia can lead to life-threatening fevers and infections; lymphocytic choriomeningitis can lead to neurological diseases and infect the central nervous system. It only takes one infected rodent to cause irreparable damage, so reach out to pest control professionals at first sight.


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