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3 Tips to Keep Tires in Good Condition March 15, 2019

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3 Tips to Keep Tires in Good Condition, Newark, Ohio

If a tire ruptures while driving, you could lose control of the vehicle, putting everyone on the road in danger. That’s why caring for the investment should rank high on the auto maintenance checklist. Performing a few basic tasks, highlighted here, will help the tires last longer. You won’t have to invest in expensive replacements, which means you can use funds towards other upgrades to improve vehicle performance.

3 Basic Tire Maintenance Steps Every Car Owner Should Follow

1. Check Tire Pressure

When tires aren’t inflated according to the recommended pounds per square inch (PSI), they work harder to move the car, draining fuel in the process. It’s also hard to keep control of the vehicle when tires are over- or under-inflated. The uneven wear can also make it difficult for the rubber to grip the road, posing safety risks and cutting short the life expectancy of the investment. You can use an air pressure gauge to check the tire pressure and determine whether adjustments need to be made. 

2. Schedule Tire Rotation

Newark-Ohio-auto-maintenanceTires wear differently depending on the position, which is why you should have an auto maintenance specialist routinely rotate equipment. Moving the tires and wheels to different positions will expose them to the same conditions to ensure even wear. To extend the life of the equipment, it’s best to perform a tire rotation every 5,000 to 7,000 miles or if the tread appears to be wearing unevenly

3. Check Tire Alignment

Although you should try to avoid driving over potholes and debris, sometimes it’s impossible to miss large objects in the road. The impact could throw front- or rear-suspension components out of alignment. Tires could wear irregularly at the shoulders as a result, or you might experience trouble steering. During a routine auto maintenance inspection, have a mechanic check the tire alignment to see if it needs to be adjusted.


For professional auto maintenance and repairs to make your tires last longer and improve overall vehicle health, reach out to the staff at Brown's Transmission & Full Service Auto Repair. Based in Newark, OH, the award-winning technicians are qualified to perform vehicle diagnostics to determine what is causing your car problems and then provide auto repairs to help. They’ll also provide seasonal driving tips to prevent damage. To schedule an appointment in Licking County, call (740) 522-4459. Visit the auto specialists online to see what car parts they service and become a Facebook fan to read customer feedback. 

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